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Beating AdWords Review – Ultimate AdWords Guide

Beating Adwords covers in detail how to make money on the internet using a combination of Pay Per Click (PPC) and Affiliate Marketing.

What is Beating Adwords?

Beating Adwords is an Ebook that you can download immediately (after paying for it!). It is very easy to read and will dramatically increase your chances of making an income using Google Adwords to promote Affiliate Products.

It is written by two experienced and successful internet marketers Kyle and Carson who also run a website called Wealthy Affiliate that serves as a coaching forum for the information in Beating Adwords.

However, membership to Wealthy Affiliate is not necessary for what you learn from Beating Adwords (but is an extra benefit).

Of course, you could use the information in Beating Adwords to promote your own products too.

What Information Is In “Beating Adwords”?

Here is what is in the 87 pages of Beating Adwords:

  • An introduction that introduces the authors and gives a rundown of making money on the internet, PPC and Affiliate Marketing.
  • How to get started with Google Adwords – What Google Adwords is all about and setting up an account.
  • A really good explanation of Affiliate Marketing and where you can find great products that convert well.
  • How to advertise these products. Setting up all the nitty grit bits and pieces of your Adwords campaign and how to write effective ad copy that sells (when you only have 4 short lines of copy to play with).
  • How to outsmart your competition. This is really easy when you know how to configure your landing pages and implement effective bidding techniques.
  • Optimizing your Adwords campaigns so that you can increase your Click Through Rate(CTR) and lower your bid prices.
  • How to make web pages that sell – this is one of the key ingredients in increasing your conversion rates for a better return on investment. They include examples of effective landing pages that you can use.

Is Beating Adwords Worth Buying?

If you are planning on making money with PPC and Affiliate Marketing, then I would definitely recommend this book.

The bottom line is that as long as you take action on what it teaches you, then you will recover the cost of Beating Adwords quickly, even if it is saving money you would have wasted on ineffective advertising.

Also, remember that most people lose money with Google Adwords simply because they are not aware of a few simple techniques that can separate you from your competitors and convince your prospects to buy your products.

Click Here to visit the Beating Adwords Website.