One of the core necessities to earning money online is to make sure that you have a good understanding of SEO and that you are able to apply this knowledge to improve the rankings of your websites.

The best place to start learning SEO is to go over to Moz and download a free copy of their Beginners Guide to SEO – there are various formats for download.

I honestly believe you will not find a better place to start learning SEO on the internet.

Within its pages you will find important information about:

  • What is SEO – And why you need to use it.
  • How Search Engines Operate – And why your site needs to be Search Engine Friendly.
  • Keyword Research – And providing content for what people are searching for.
  • Critical Components of Optimizing a Site – Letting the search engines get around your site as easily as possible.
  • Building a Traffic Worthy Site – Make people come to and stay at your website.3
  • Growing a Sites Popularity – Bring more people to your website.

This is all solid information and will provide a great grounding in SEO and apply it to your websites – and if you don’t know much about SEO, then I suggest you go and download it now.