Linking Up

Thunderbird 2 is go. FAB.

Darren interviews Gina Trapani, who incidentally, notified me (via lifehacker) that Thunderbird 2 was released.

John talks about the Next Big Thing. Read it if you are thinking of developing any Web 2.0 stuff in the near future.

Burt has launched WP Blog Announcer. I developed something similar for personal use that autoposts to blogs with content from affiliate data feeds. Hmm … I’m wondering if I should package it up and sell it?

Jeck shows how to improve your neck rotation in less than 30 seconds. I tried it and I think it works. PS. Jeck, you should get a site map for your blog :)

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One Response to Linking Up

  1. Jeck says:

    Dominic, thanks for the tip. One of many things I shoudl do for the blog. lol

    Keep up your good work.

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