Really Simple Sitemap

Really Simple Sitemap is my first go at creating a plugin for WordPress. It was inspired by these 2 useful posts by SEO Blackhat and WageRank.

Really Simple Sitemap basically lists all of your published posts so that a user (or search engine) is never more that 2 clicks away from any post on your blog – See my Sitemap for an example.

I reckon that using this plugin would be especially useful if you are considering stopping the GoogleBot from indexing your archives, categories, feeds, etc… with a robots.txt file.

Here are the instructions to get it working:

  1. Download Really Simple Sitemap then unzip it and save it to the plugins folder of your WordPress install.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Create a page and call it Sitemap (or call it whatever you like).
  4. Add the following text : <!--rs sitemap--> – This text will be replaced by your sitemap.
  5. Use the Options->RS Sitemap to set the ordering of your posts, show or hide private posts, and show or hide pages.

All of your published posts will then be output as links in the order of most recently published.

If there is enough interest in this plugin, I may add some extra functionality like sorting options.

I would be keen to get some feedback, so please leave a comment – including any extra functionality you would like to see included.

Really Simple Sitemap only works with WordPress 2.1.x.
Current Version: 1.2.

Updates 20 April 2007 (V 1.2):

1. Made the code more efficient so the database is only hit if the post or page requires a site map.

Updates 13 March 2007 (V 1.1):

1. Added an Options page to set ordering of posts, showing or hiding private posts, and showing pages.

2. Default table prefix is no longer hard coded.

Download Really Simple Sitemap

Tasks Jr

I don’t know how many task-list-todo type software I’ve tried to try and get my working life in order.

But I reckon that I have found “the one” that is going to help my help me take all my ideas from concept to fruition – Tasks Jr which is developed by Alex King.

It has everything I have been looking for in a Task List app:

  1. Really simple, yet functional.
  2. Online so I can use it on my laptop and workstation without having to sync.
  3. Ability to host on my own web server.

Tasks Jr is actually the free version of Tasksâ„¢ and Tasks Proâ„¢, and lacks many of their advanced features.

One feature that Tasks Jr lacks is security, in that you have no username and password, but I have overcome this by installing it into a password protected folder which will do for now until I decide to upgrade to the next version.

If you are trying to find a task manager, then I would suggest you give this software a whirl. There is a demo at the website and there are also affordable hosting options available at

SEO Simple 3 Column WordPress Theme

I finally finished the 3 column version of SEO Simple WordPress Theme.

The layout is such that the post area appears to the left of the screen and two sidebar columns are at the right. This provides a bit more space for adding more links and adverts and other bits and pieces.

You can see the regular and 3 column themes in action here. I have added a theme switcher so that you can toggle between them both.

Download: SEO Simple 3 Column

SEO Book – Aaron Wall

Now I finally bought Aaron Walls SEO Book. It’s a 331 page behemoth of an eBook and it will take me a while to review it, so I will be writing this post in chunks … bit by bit.

Aaron has recently hinted that he may quit selling his SEO Book and changing his business model. So, you may want to get this highly undervalued tool sooner rather than later.

My first take on SEO Book is that it is incredibly comprehensive. So far I’m on page 20 and have learnt a heap of ideas – not so much about SEO – but it has made me think more about running an online business. It makes me thing about things like strategy, goals, and making the most of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Allready I’m looking at other peoples websites and getting ideas for sites that are not the ‘content’ type sites that I normally work with.

Anyway, I’ll return to this post to update it as I get further into SEO Book.

You can visit the SEO Book website here.