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Site Page Tracker is a neat little piece of software that is pretty useful for finding out how you websites are doing in the search engines.

There is nothing flash about Site Page Tracker, but it is incredibly useful in giving you ‘at-a-glance’ knowledge of how all of your websites are doing in the search engines by immediately showing you how many pages you have indexed and how many backlinks you have in the 3 major search engines – Google, Yahoo & MSN.

You can then simply click on the table of results to go to the live data at the search engines.

Site Page Tracker can also provide data on how many of your articles have been published around the internet – although I have not used this feature yet, but can see that it would be pretty useful.

For me, the beauty of using Site Page Tracker is that I can immediately see which of my websites need a bit of work on getting indexed. This is a really useful aspect for people who have more than a few websites.

It works by uploading a few php scripts to your web server. Once this is done, there are a few simple settings to complete to get Site Page Tracker working and then you can see all your websites indexed pages and back links.

One of the scripts needs to be run each time you add a new website so that it can update the stats.

You can also set up a cron job to do this automatically each day. By doing this you then get a daily historical view of how you websites are falling in and out of the search engines.

Site Page Tracker is especially easy to install since it does not require MySQL (or any other database) which means less configuration hassles for the user.

I don’t know that there is a limit to how many websites you can track with Site Page Tracker. I’ve been adding heaps without any problems … It’s pretty cool to see how your competition is doing too ;)

It’s also pretty cool not having to check each site individually to see how it is doing in the search engines.

Click here to visit the Site Page Tracker website.

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