Squidoo Gets A Google Slap

There’s a fair bit of information flying around about Squidoo getting penalized by Google for publishing spam. So that’s why mine are getting less traffic!

It’s been no secret that it is super simple to rank for just about anything by creating a Squidoo lens with your keywords and sending your hapless visitors off through your affiliate links.

I’ve been using it for some time with great results and have found ways to knock other lenses off the top spots and secure double listings on page 1 of Google.

However all good things must come to an end and Squidoo is taking steps to weed out the spammers.

Which is great news. Now all the bottom feeders will bugger off to find another great thing to spam and the rest of us can get smart and find ways to stay in Squidoo and snap up all the great lens titles that will become available.

Here are some ways to stay in Squidoo:

  1. Write good content. You will just have to bite the bullet and write a good Squidoo lens. It will take a little longer, but remember that it should stay there for ever making you money and traffic.
  2. Don’t put blatant affiliate links in the lens. Buy a domain and send your visitors there – and then off to the merchant site.
  3. Make more than 3 modules .. or you won’t be published. Well that’s not too tricky.
  4. Proxy Servers – Squidoo will be monitoring IP addresses to identify multiple accounts. If you must create heaps of lenses, then you may want to consider using proxy servers when creating and logging into your accounts.

Of course, if Squidoo gets totally booted out of the Google index then all of this will be useless, since you are relying on search traffic for visitors.

And remember, Squidoo is not the only website that can be used for this sort of thing. Little gems can be found all over the place when you are doing your keyword research and competitor analysis.

For more information on the Squidoo Slap, visit the following websites:

Google acting against Squidoo due to spam.
Google Filters Squidoo Lenses?.
The Squidoo Slap.

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3 Responses to Squidoo Gets A Google Slap

  1. Howie says:

    There have been a lot of comments and questions on what really happened with Google & Squidoo

    I interviewed Seth Godin on the “Squidoo Slap”


  2. LifeofEgypt says:

    This will hurt as i rely on traffic from my Squidoo lens to send traffic to my site.

  3. dominic says:

    Howie – Nice interview :)

    LifeofEgypt – Squidoo marketers just need to adapt. If we look around there will always be a good ranking site that we can jump onto. Also, I don’t think anyone should give up on Squidoo.

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