Tasks Jr

I don’t know how many task-list-todo type software I’ve tried to try and get my working life in order.

But I reckon that I have found “the one” that is going to help my help me take all my ideas from concept to fruition – Tasks Jr which is developed by Alex King.

It has everything I have been looking for in a Task List app:

  1. Really simple, yet functional.
  2. Online so I can use it on my laptop and workstation without having to sync.
  3. Ability to host on my own web server.

Tasks Jr is actually the free version of Tasks™ and Tasks Pro™, and lacks many of their advanced features.

One feature that Tasks Jr lacks is security, in that you have no username and password, but I have overcome this by installing it into a password protected folder which will do for now until I decide to upgrade to the next version.

If you are trying to find a task manager, then I would suggest you give this software a whirl. There is a demo at the website and there are also affordable hosting options available at UseTasks.com.

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