WordPress SEO Template/Theme

I’m going to develop a WordPress Theme that is tooled up for SEO!

One of my goals for last year was to develop a WordPress theme from scratch. All of the WordPress themes that I use are usually hacked to the way that I like them, or used straight out of the box – like the one I use here – Andreas 08 3 columns ver 1.

So I failed to do it last year. Probably because it wasn’t such an important thing to get done.

However, after being inspired by DaveN’s post about using CSS, I’ve decided that I’m going to develop a WordPress SEO template/theme.

The idea is that I want to use CSS to jig the content so that the article text is read first by the search engines. This will mean that any navigation and sidebar text comes after the article text and will not interfere with SERP results or text in the listings. Sometimes my listings, especially Yahoo! seem to have navigation text in the page description.

Anyway, it’s the 8th of January 2007, so let’s see how long it takes.

UPDATE: This is done. The theme is called SEO Simple. You can see it here.

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